Sunday, July 22, 2018

My Daughter's Getting Married! And My Son Bought A House!

And my world is changing yet again.  13 days before the wedding and 5 days before my son's settlement.  I know change is a part of life, but I don't understand why I don't like it very much.  Going from six kids to four in a week's time is not easy on my emotions.

However, I hope you don't mind if I take some time to tell you all the amazing "God" things that have happened these past few months.

Toby, our youngest, was diagnosed with scoliosis (see Good Friends) and had to wear a brace.  Her sister, Winter, also had scoliosis and endured surgery to correct her curves in August of 2013.  We prayed and prayed for Toby to somehow be able to avoid this surgery, despite the doctor telling us that the brace would hopefully "hold" the curve through her growth spurt and possibly buy us more time before she would probably also need the surgery.  Well, last year the doctor was very impressed with Toby's progress and gave her permission to only wear the brace during the night.  Then, earlier this year, he said she was doing so well that he thought she could go without wearing the brace at all!  He wanted to see her for her regular 6 month check-up to see if the curve changed at all.  Winter had her 5 year check-up the same time we went back last month for Toby's check-up.  Are you ready for this?  The doctor said, "It looks like Toby has avoided the surgery.  Her curve has only minimally increased, and we think she will be fine."   !!!!!!!  He didn't want to see her again for a whole year, and Winter is doing so well that she doesn't have to be seen for five years!  Earlier this year the doctor said, "When she presented five years ago, we were 100% certain of upcoming surgery for her.  We put her in the brace with a hope and prayer."  To which Winter responded, "And that's exactly what we did:  we prayed and we hoped!!"  Well, God heard our prayers, and God not only held the curves, but lessened her curves as well! Here's the latest Xray taken last month:

Tiffany is getting married on August 4, 2018.  She was accepted to grad school a few months ago at Virginia Tech and will begin the end of August!  Her fiance has been so gracious and was able to find an adorable apartment close to the school, and is currently looking for a job in Blacksburg, VA.   God has been directing and leading and providing for this couple already!  He is so, so good!!

Nathan began thinking about and casually looking for a house to buy just a few months ago as well.  He thought it was time to get his own place, and sought the Lord's direction and will for what was next for him.  To make a long and exciting story shorter (and perhaps a little less exciting than it was), he found a house and so many little details have been worked out for him to make settlement on July 27th!  So many prayers have been answered for him!

God has been doing amazing things for my kids!  Abe is doing well with his job for six years now!  Katrina has graduated with her Masters in Psychology and has been given the privilege to be a nanny for a 6 month old baby boy and 2 year old precious little girl, which she enjoys and thrives in doing!  Winter will be starting her third year in college in the fall!  And the Tobster will be a sophomore in high school.  She was on the Distinguished Honor Roll for all four of her semesters last year as a freshman, and has passed her Keystone Exams in Biology and Algebra in the Advanced category!  Blessings!!!

I marvel at God's goodness, love, protection, care, guidance, provision, and leading in our lives.  He surely has remembered the widow and the fatherless! Praise His Name and Glory to Him!

Sure there are a lot of big changes happening in the Radle home, but I am blessed.  I am thankful.  I am in awe of my awesome God.


thea williams said...

Wow! I marvel with you as I read of all the wondrous things God is doing in the life of your family, Wendy. And let's not forget, He has left the Radle offspring with an amazing mama who serves the Lord with all her heart and mind and soul and strength. So thankful for you and your beautiful family!

Wendy said...

Aw, you are such a blessing to me, Thea! I am so humbled and honored that God has allowed us to come across each other's paths here on this earth! You are an encouragement and blessing! Thank you, and may God richly bless you and your writing endeavors! For His Glory!