Friday, October 20, 2017

Looking Unto Jesus!

Sometimes, as I had written previously, you really think God is directing your paths in a specific manner to lead you to a specific destination, but then He ever so gently guides you another way.  When this occurs, I admit, it is hard to understand why or where He is leading in a new a different direction.  You get your heart set on the other path, even dreaming of possibilities, yet you know that God knows best.  He sees the big picture, so why can't I walk with Him and not try to pull away  or run where my heart wants to run?

My heart needs to be closer to His heart.  I'm learning.  Although growing can be painful, I know His way is best.  I found this video I had made last year.  I had not watched it for many, many months, but as I was seeking to find my way again, I came across this video.  I watched again.  Of course, I cried.  When you are searching for new direction, or even any direction to where God wants you, it seems that is when the memories and missing those you love come back so strongly.  I sure am missing these precious folks who have been in my life.  I especially miss Todd today.  Life seemed simpler when he was here.  And more fun.

Just remember...keep holding on to Him, and no matter if you are seeking a new direction or just walking life's road, stay close to Him!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Staying Close

I know it's been awhile (in fact two years!) since I've last written, and I do apologize for that.  As time moves on, so has our lives here in the Radle home.  We currently have only one child in grade school, and she is now beginning her high school career as a ninth grader!  Toby was only 18 months old when her Daddy went to heaven, so I often picture him smiling and so proud of her!

The older children are all growing older as well, and each has found their way and doing quite well.  Our fourth child, Tiffany, was recently engaged to be married!  We are all excited about that, too.

Along with the many changes in our family dynamic and with all the changes that come with the children growing older, I have learned that our good God never changes.  Thus, the reason for this title, Staying Close.  Through it all:  the ups, the downs, the ordinary, the extraordinary, the mundane, and the awesome...our God is steady.  He's faithful.  He is good.

Unfortunately, there are many times when I want to run ahead of Him.  As a child sees something that grabs their attention and promises excitement and then pursues this new venture, so I, at times, run ahead, anxiously anticipating the glimmer of a new hope, a new venture.  I may even think it is what God wants me to do~yet I must walk beside Him, not ahead.

Unfortunately, there are many times when I want to linger behind Him.  As a child is enjoying an activity and comfortable with their surroundings and tends to linger in this pleasure, so I, at times, want to live in the past and wonder What would Todd do?  What would Todd say?  This often turns to despair and sometimes self-pity~yet I must walk beside Him, not behind.

As I learn to stay close to my Father, I learn that His way is the best way.  This is not easy.  I often feel like a child, pulling on His Hand to go back, or tugging to go forward or in a different direction.  But I'm learning that walking next to Him and staying close to Him is the best way.

Tales of Six Kids will return more frequently, but I wanted to share these thoughts with you first.  There is a lot of exciting news to share with you!  Stay tuned...