Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wild and Crazy Days!

This past Saturday Toby played her last soccer game for the spring, and her team won! It was exciting to watch her play and enjoy the game of soccer as her other siblings did.
It was fun, but it lacked the excitement that Todd would bring to the games, screaming, shouting, etc. But Toby had a great season, and I am sure Todd either was told about her or even witnessed it!

Then I had an unexpected blessing. One of my favorite singers ever is Steve Green. I found out he was doing a concert in our area, so after church on Sunday night, we went to see what was going on. I ended up getting a ticket, and then afterwards even got my picture taken with him!!! . I've gone to several of his concerts, and I must say the crowd wasn't nearly as previous ones. Maybe I'm getting old? Whatever, it was a blessing to hear him sing, although this was the first time without Todd, and it made me miss my buddy more than anything. Todd was not as big a fan as I am, but he loved to hear Steve sing "God and God Alone." ...and that's what he ended his concert that night singing. Awesome. Just such a blessing.

Now, ever taken a long trip in a car? van? ...more than just a few hours? Last weekend I drove in a van with 8 kids to South Carolina!! Why? We went to pick up my friends' son from Bob Jones University. My friend was too sick to drive that far (don't know where we would have fit her anyway), so driving that far away from home without any other adult, was, well, interesting. We put together a short video:

So, it's been one crazy or wild thing after another lately. Even with all the fun, all the pain in missing Todd during the fun, all the near heartattacks and all the heartbreak, I am so thankful and praising God for the family He has so richly blessed me with. He is way too good to me.

In Jehovah do I take refuge:...If the foundations be destroyed,4 Jehovah is in his holy temple; Jehovah trieth the righteous; ... For Jehovah is righteous; he loveth righteousness: Psalm 11

Monday, May 10, 2010


I used to ask this question way too much, but am learning that I do not need to know why. I do not need to understand. I need to rest in knowing that God DOES know and that He does have a plan, and that He is in control! It's called trust, and it's not easy to do. I have found a lot of comfort in knowing God's Word and His promises and in knowing God personally. I also find comfort in the words to this song, Love Will Find A Way.

Love will find a way
To follow where you run
Love will cover you
And shield you from the sun
This will all be done
Just to heal you, to heal you
Love will lift the veil
You try to hide behind
Love will kiss your tears
And turn them into wine
This will all be done
To reveal you, reveal you

Love will take your shame
Love will lift your head
Love will take the blow
That was meant for you instead

Love will never leave
No matter what you say
Love will look beyond
Your brokenness today
This will all be done
Just to name you,
This will all be done
To reclaim you, reclaim you