Saturday, September 11, 2010

Signs of Fall

For some reason that I don't know or understand, the changing of the seasons always brings back tons of memories of Todd for me. Todd loved the fall (I think he loved all the seasons, but they each had a special characteristic he loved), especially the leaves and beautiful colors.

Fall begins a new school year. Toby is now in 2nd grade, Winter in 7th, and Tiffany in 10th! Trina is in college at Lancaster Bible College, doing classes online. The boys are still working and doing well.

Fall brings another birthday for Trina and Toby. Katrina recently turned 18!

Fall begins another season of soccer. Today Toby and Winter played their first games. It was a beautiful day.

Fall brings a new wardrobe. I love my hoodies! They make me feel warm and safe. I especially love wearing Todd's old ones.

Fall brings new challenges and lots of memories. I'm actually looking forward to this fall. I am so thankful for the wonderful memories I have, that can never be taken from me. I plan to hold them close through this new season. Fall also begins the holidays...always have been difficult since Todd died, but this year I pray I will remember the good things we shared, and not spend as much time missing those good times. God is good. I still am awestruck with God's creation and the clouds. The clouds. They've been beautiful. Here's another picture I took just yesterday.

Almost forgot....on Labor Day I was privileged to be together will my sister and brothers. It's the first time we have all been together in over 10 years! I don't think Vicki was ready for this picture...

Signs of fall are a blessing for me this year. I pray they will be for everyone...