Friday, October 29, 2010

Care In Grief

It's been almost a year now that I've had an incredible burden for people who have lost loved ones....believers and unbelievers, but especially for unbelievers. I can't even imagine going through the pain of losing a loved one without my heavenly Father. At those times when I feel like it can't hurt anymore, when I'm at the lowest points, when all I can do is cry....I find comfort in knowing my Father is here with me. Even though I don't always feel His comfort and love, I know He's right beside me through every agonizing day I live without Todd.

This burden has grown into a near obsession. I keep getting ideas and write down proposed "plans," and I have finally come up with Care In Grief. I have gotten our pastor's permission to begin a group at our church, just to share our feelings with each other, that would meet every week. I'm not a counselor, nor do I have all the answers, nor do I even feel ready for this, but Father has clearly been leading and opening doors.

The other part to this is taking videos of people who have lost loved ones. I have gotten an incredible acceptance and willingness from those who I've asked, and even some "references" to ask others! There has been NO negative feedback so far, but I imagine if God is in this, then there is certain to be some ahead. But for now, all signs are a "go."

I've done my first two videos for a lady in our church who has had several losses in her life. She did a video on the loss of her daughter, and one on the loss of her husband. I was so nervous! Yet when I got to her home, there was a peace I could never describe. However, editing the videos was not an easy process for me. It took many hours, and even days, to get through the one about the loss of her husband. Lots of memories. Lots of tears. Lots of heartache. Lots of pain....all over again. I had her over for lunch the other day, and she gave me the "OK" to show these. Here is the first one I have completed: