Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Good Friends

It's a blessing to have good friends.  One friend, who has been an extra special blessing, recently noted how she only gets updates on our family through this blog.  This is because I am not good at hand-writing letters or cards, like she often sends to me.  Actually, I'm just not good at communicating period.  I've gotten way too lazy with this important social skill, but besides all that, this blog post is for my very special friend who never hears from me, unless I am blogging!

A couple of weeks ago Winter got an excellent report from her doctor.  He was so pleased with her recovery, and we were encouraged because he was happy!
UNTIL...   he asked me to bring Toby with us to Winter's appointments, and he had been checking her every 6 months.  This time he asked me to bring her to Winter's follow-up visit, but also to get some x-rays.  He quickly turned somber and told me that Toby's curve had progressed past 30 degrees.  Toby is only 9.  She hasn't even started her "growth spurt!"  This news brought tears to my eyes, but he said he wanted her in a brace asap.  He reminded me that the brace would not correct the curve, but that it would slow it down and possibly even stop it from curving more.  We will see him again in 4 weeks to get more x-rays to see if it is working.

So, we got her brace this week.  Wow.  Did you know the process for that?  I know I should have called or emailed or communicated in some way that Toby needed a brace, because it was a total shock for both of us.  First they casted her entire torso!  She had to shuffle her way over to x-ray (she reminded me a lot of my Mom walking!---please don't tell her I said that!).  Then they cut the cast off and made a custom fitting brace for her.  Monday was one hour wearing the brace and one hour free.  Yesterday was two hours wearing the brace, then one hour free.  Today Toby wore the brace for a total of six hours and will begin to wear it to bed.  I feel so badly for her.  She's another trooper, though!  Praise our Heavenly Father for both Winter and Toby and their attitudes toward these trials!!  I can't thank you enough for all your prayers. Here is the cast they cut off:

 And here's the table they had her on to put the cast on.  Doesn't it look like some torture contraption?  ugh.
 They did let her put her hand print and sign the wall, which was pretty awesome.

So, this past weekend we got pumpkins (the youth group is coming over to surprise Winter tonight!).  I can't believe how much Nathan looks and acts and even sounds like Todd.  He, Abe, and Trina set them up....just like Todd always did.  We picked out pumpkins for those who were not with us (Tiffany, Grenade, the baby in heaven, Rocky, and Todd's).  For Winter we got one with a straight tall stem:  

We got Tiffany one that looked like a cupcake!:

We got Todd one that we KNOW he would have picked out for himself.  He loved these kind of pumpkins and was always particular about the stem!  Ha!

Here they all are in the back of the van:

 And here are some of them arranged with Grenade wanting to play with the tennis ball!
I have more to share, but I can't really say all that I want to on the blog.  Yes, that means I'm actually going to have to WRITE to you!  :) 
Thank you again for your many prayers and cards!  We are praying for all of you as well.  Thanks for the update on your family.  Love you and miss you lots!!! 

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