Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blessings! Blessings!! Blessings!!!

Not sure where to start.  Our Heavenly Father has been so good and so gracious and has answered so many prayers today. 

The day didn't start well.  I was discouraged not being able to do much without getting short of breath (STILL!!), and Winter seemed discouraged from not getting done as much school work as she wanted (and she thought she needed) to get done without pain in her shoulder muscles.  With Winter, when I say "pain" I mean really, bad, aching, nagging pain that does not let her concentrate on anything else other than the pain!  She's off of her pain medication now, but the tylenol does not seem to be helping. 

So I put a call into Winter's surgeon at the hospital.  I had an appointment scheduled as a follow-up from being hospitalized today.

BLESSING:  I finally convinced Winter to rest!
BLESSING:  Winter's school counselor called me back this morning and said she is eligible for a temporary IDEA program!  This is for students with disabilities, and it is a special plan developed by her teachers in association with her doctors recommendations, in order for Winter not to fall behind in her schoolwork!  Praise Father!  What a HUGE blessing this was to hear!
BLESSING:  My doctor said I could eat fudge-sickles again! 
BLESSING:  My doctor said my blood sugar was fine now and to monitor my blood pressure, but he was pretty sure it was from being hospitalized and the massive doses of steroids they had me on.  He was pleased with the progress and agreed with everything the drs at the hospital said.  So, keep moving forward!  Slow, but sure.  Father is too good!
BLESSING:  Winter's dr called back and said children who had the kind of surgery Winter had would not even be back in school yet!  They said sometimes they would do half days and some even tutored for just an hour a day.  Dr definitely wants her to slow down.  She is way over-pushing herself.  They will talk about possible physical therapy for her shoulders to strengthen faster, but that's not for two more weeks or so.  I feel so much better about telling her not to do her school work (for now!).

OK, long enough for this evening.  Many thanks to anyone who is reading and/or praying and/or thinking of us!  Father is good....always!!!

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Joy said...

So glad to know things are looking up:-). I'm prayingbforvall of you often!! Love, Joy❤