Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer, School, Scoliosis, and Socialization

This summer has been one of the busiest summers and emotionally difficult summers I've ever experienced, yet the blessings have and are abounding in our family!  Our Heavenly Father has been so very, very good to us in His provision, protection, care, faithfulness, and love. 

Our church had a wonderful Vacation Bible School this summer.  Although I was not able to write puppet scripts, Father provided in allowing others to minister in that area and do a great job.  Although not all of us were able to serve together as in previous years, Father provided strength and help from others, and I was privileged to minister with a lady who I found to be delightful!  It was a good week.

My schooling has continued in pursuit of my Master's in Education, and I am so excited to be learning and writing and researching new and interesting areas.  Father has been so caring and loving and providing me wisdom and strength to be able to continue to get good grades.  Praise Him! 

Our fifth child, Winter Hope, had scoliosis surgery on August 7, and she is doing incredibly well.  Looking back and when I was looking forward to this surgery, I could not imagine ever making it through without Todd/Daddy by my side.  It seemed as though an impassable mountain.  However, friends and family, but mostly Father, were there.  I'm sitting here typing and still cannot believe it's over.  What a miracle.  Here are Winter's before and after X-rays of her spine. 
The surgeon put rods in her back and pins.  Amazing.  Winter is a trooper.  She's been amazing through this whole thing and has said several times, "That's the power of prayer."  For a fourteen year old girl, she is absolutely amazing.  Our other children were there for her as well.  I love my family!!!  and I'm so proud of all our children.  God has blessed, over and over and over and over and over and over!

Our fourth child, Tiffany Grace, will be heading off to college in a few weeks.  Looking forward, again, I don't know how to do this without Todd.  She is the first of our children to leave our home.  I'm so proud of her and so thankful to our Heavenly Father for working in her life, yet driving her to college (from PA to SC) and settling her in and then driving home again is definitely not something I'm looking forward to.  It's all good.  I know that.  I just want Todd to be a part of this.  It hurts.

There's more to share, but that is all I can muster tonight.  I've seen Father work in miraculous ways this summer.  I've felt His love and care like never before.  I don't even want to think where I would be if it were not for Him.  Many have said to me, "I don't know how you have and are raising six children as a single Mom."  I tell them it's not's all Him!

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